2010 November Results

Specialty Championship Show
6 November 2010

Judge: Mr Peter Bailey (UK)
Entry:- 53

Special Vet Sweepstakes (1)
1. Ch Dumbledeer Magic Mandy (Young)

Veteran Sweepstakes (3)
1. Ch VisualImpact De La Cruz (McConachy)
2. Gr Ch Starswept Balenciaga (Davies/Wright)
3. Ch Hillofsilver Laser (Doong)

Neuter Sweepstakes (1)
1. Ch Hillofsilver Pheonix (Collins)

Baby Dog (4)
1. Dallydom Digger (Brown)
2. Visualimpact European Blend (McConachy)
3. Wanjdal Dare To Dream (McLean

Minor Puppy Dog (0)
No Entries

Puppy Dog (1)
1. Starswept Scottish Sovereign (Davies/Wright)

Junior Dog (1)
1. Texico Isle B Cool (Godyn)

Intermediate Dog (2/3)
1. Ch Krystaway Weekend Hustler (Harbin)
2. Ch Sprintaway Smooth Satin (Donald)

Aust Bred Dog (6)
1. Gr Ch Starswept Justa Gigolo (Davies/Wright)
2. Gr Ch krystaway Dream catcher (Donald)
3. Ch Hillofsilver Lazer (Doong)

Open Dog (6)
1. Ch Sprintaway Chief Cherokee (Donald)
2. Gr Ch Krystaway Dot Com (Harbin)
3. Visualimpact Saffron Rice (McConachy)


Challenge Dog - Ch Krystaway Weekend Hustler
Reserve Challenge Dog - Ch Sprintaway Chief Cheroke

Baby Bitch (2/3)
1. Wanjdal Burning Luv (McLean)
2. Visualimpact Undercover Agent (McConachy)

Minor Puppy Bitch (2/2)
1. Starswept Glamour of Sydney (Davies/Wright)
2. Krystaway Twilight Eclipse (Dunscombe)

Puppy Bitch (2/2)
1. Krystaway Show Bling (Harbin)
2. Coastdal Princess Lilly Rose (OBrien)

Junior Bitch (3/3)

1. Visualimpact Divine Chocolat (McConachy)
2. Ch Texico Miss Izzy B (Godyn)
3. Visualimpact Ready Set Pose (McConachy)

Intermediate Bitch (6)
1. Hillofsilver Queenie (Doong)
2. Krystaway Knock Your Spots Off (Harbin)
3. Hillofsilver Prisaya (Johnson)

Aust Bred Bitch (4)
1. Gr Ch Hillofsilver Paparazzi (Harbin)
2. Visualimpact Star Attraction (McConachy)
3. Ch Gentry Swept By Stars (Wright/Davies)

Open Bitch (6/6)
1. Ch Krystaway Moet Chandon (Harbin)
2. Sprintaway Arabella (Donald)
3. Ch Hillofsilver Lillibet (Johnson)

Challenge Bitch - Gr Ch Hillofsilver Paparazzi
Reserve Challenge Bitch - Hillofsilver Queenie


Best In Show - Gr Ch Hillofsilver Paparazzi
Runner Up Best in Show - Ch Krystaway Weekend Hustler
Opposite Sex in Show - Ch Krystaway Weekend Hustler

Baby Puppy in Show - Dallydom Digger
Baby Puppy in Show -Wanjdal Burning Luv

Minor Puppy in Show - Starswept Glamour of Sydney
Opposite Minor Puppy in Show - No Opposite

Best Puppy in Show -Starswept Scottish Sovereign
Opposite Puppy in Show -Krystaway Show Bling

Best Junior in Show -Visualimpact Divine Chocolat
Opposite Junior in Show -Texico Isle B Cool

Best Intermediate in Show -Ch Krystaway Weekend Hustler
Opposite Intermediate in Show -Hillofsilver Queenie

Best Aust Bred in Show -Ch Hillofsilver Paparazzi
Opposite Aust Bred in Show -Gr Ch Starswept Justa Gigolo

Best Open in Show - Ch Sprintaway Chief Cherokee
Opposite Open in Show -Ch Krystaway Moet Chandon

Best In Show

Bitch Challenge & Aust Bred in Show
Gr Ch Hillofsilver Paparazzi


Runner Up Best In Show

Dog Challenge & Intermediate in Show
Ch Krystaway Weekend Hustler



Reserve Challenge Dog

Reserve Challenge Dog - Ch Sprintaway Chief Cherokee


Reserve Challenge Bitch

Reserve Bitch Challenge - Hillofsilver Queenie



Special Veteran Sweepstakes

Ch Dumbledeer Magic Mandy



Veteran Sweepstakes

Ch VisualImpact De La Cruz



Neuter Sweepstakes

Ch Hillofsilver Pheonix




Baby Puppy In Show

Dallydom Digger



Minor Puppy In Show

Photo coming soon!

Starswept Glamour of Sydney


Puppy In Show

Photo coming soon!

Starswept Scottish Sovereign



Junior In Show

Photo coming soon!

Visualimpact Divine Chocolat


Intermediate In Show

Ch Krystaway Weekend Hustler



Australian Bred In Show

Ch Hillofsilver Paparazzi



Open In Show

Ch Sprintaway Chief Cherokee


The Dalmatian Club of  New South Wales Australia, Specialty Championship show 2010, on the 6th November Sydney, report by Peter Bailey judge.

This show was held in the Bill Spilstead Complex Erskine Park a great dog venue I had a nice entry waiting for me, I will say that all on show pleased me the Best in show bitch & the Best dog were to a very high standard of this lovely breed.

1st - Young s, Ch Dumbledeer Magic Mandy, a goodbitch to start my evening best of heads, coat and condition was good she handled well and moved with a nice style.

Here I had a class of 6 lovely breed champions all to a high level of their breed standard I was honoured to be able to judge them for my placings I selected 1st was McConachy s, Ch Visualimpact De La Cruz, lovely breed type moved with a good style was very sound.

2nd was Wright & Davies, Grand Champion Starswept Balenciaga, again a good sound Dalmatian with a good sound body shape decorations were good lovely legs and feet she moved well nothing to chose between these two lovely champions.

1st was Collin s, Champion Hillofsilver Pheonix a quite lovely liver spot Dalmatian male lovely correct colour pigmentation head pattern is lovely eyes correct shape and colour body shape is lovely he moved well has a terrific temperament permit me to say what a pity this lovely champion had to be neutered.


1st & the best baby in show was Brown s, Dallydom Digger a lovely black spot puppy male with a great temperament lovely decoration body shape is developing nicely legs and feet are good he has a lovely head and expression he moved well a lovely young Dalmatian this one.

2nd was McConachy s, Visualimpact European Blens AI, again a pleasing young male puppy with a very nice head eyes and expression pleased black spot decorations are good he moved well and again a young Dalmatian with a sound temperament.

No Entries

1st and my best puppy in show was Davies & Wright s, Starswept Scottish Soverein, a very promising sound black spot young dog with a lot to like about him lovely head breed type eyes and expression are lovely body make and shape are good legs and feet tail set and carriage are correct he moves with a good style for one so young, I note from the catalogue on return home that his sire is a UK dog that I know quite well. This young male will go all the way in my opinion.

1st was Godyns, Texico Isle B Cool AI, on his own in the class but a good winner best of temperaments lovely to handle spotting and head decoration very pleasing he moved with drive and style, again I know the sire in the UK quite interesting this AI, it seems to have worked here with success.

1st the dog CC and reserve best in show was Harbin s Ch Krystaway Weekend Hustler a fantastic liver spot male who excelled in breed type lovely liver correct pigmentation colour decorations through out head and ear decoration really pleased me, he is a wonderful balanced size front and rear constructions are wonderful head is very good eyes are the correct shape and colour legs and feet good a great turn of stifle he moved with great front extension and rear drive quite a classic example.

2nd was Donald s, Black spot male Ch Sprintaway Smooth Satin a lovely champion correct black spotting I liked his head and expression good reach of neck and top line nice cat like feet he moved well tail carriage very good.

This class was fantastic I had 5 great breed champions to judge I was quite honoured, 1st was Davies & Wright s, Gr Ch Starswept Just A Gigolo, a great dog I loved his decorations lovely spotting evenly spread over
head and body, his make and shape are lovely good level top line loin and croup are correct nice tail set held and carried well on the move his front and rear constructions are correct both enabling him to move with a great style a great breed champion here thank you.

2nd was Donald s, Gr Ch Krystaway Dream Catcher again a lovely champion of the breed all about him pleased great head and body shape very good decorations he moved well.

This was a great class full of outstanding breed champions, 1st and the RCC winner was Donald s, ChSprintaway Chief Cheroke, a quite out standingly good black spot on the purest of white ground male, his head is lovely a clean skull lovely eyes and ears all decorations are perfect his body shape is correct great front and rear constructions legs and lovely tight feet impressed he moved with drive and a great style a wonderful Dalmatian.

2nd was Harbin s Gr Ch Krystaway Dot Com, again a great Dalmatian movement was quite wonderful great front extension and rear drive head has the correct breed type lovely decorations best of body shape and out like  handled and presented in tip top condition.

Here I had two lovely young bitch puppys 1st was McLeans Wanjdal Burningluv as pretty as any picture lovely head and expression she is nicely decorated very pleasing to handle she has a lovely temperament she moved well.

2nd was McConachy s, Visualimpact Undercover Agent AI again a nice baby puupy with a good temperament head breed type is good she handled and moved well.

1st was Davies & Wright s, Starswept Glamour of Sydney a very nice black spotted puppy lovely decorations nice head type lovely eyes and ear
decorations body shape good legs and feet pleased lovely tail set carried well on the movement was very sound a good bitch puppy developing well.

2nd was Donscombe s, Krystaway Twilight Eclipse, a nice bitch with all the required breed qualities nice decorations moved well nothing to chose between these two thank you.

1st was Harbin s Krystaway  Show Bling this kennel presented lovely Dalmatians this evening and this puppy was one of them she has a lovely out line of body shape all angulations are good head is lovely spotting and decorations are good movement is lovely.

2nd was Obrien s, Coastdal Princess Lilly Rose a very pleasing breed type bitch puppy moved well has a lovely temperament make and shape are good overall body shape legs and feet very good.

1st was McConachy s, Visualimpact Divine Chocolat nice bitch coming into her own re size and maturity I liked her head eyes and expression lovely balanced body shape decorations pleased she moved with drive and style a lovely bitch this one.

2nd was Godyn s, Ch Texico Miss Izzy B AI a good sound champion of the breed lovely body shape top line loin and croup good head is good decorations verypleasing she moved well two good one here thank you.

1st and the RCC winner Doong s, black spot bitch,Hillofsilver Queenie, I liked this bitch her make and shape are lovely balanced well both standing and on the move her black spotting is good on the best of white grounds she has a very feminine breed type head, movement was sound and true, a champion in the making I am sure.

2nd was Harbin s, Krystaway Knock Your Spots Off a very sound true moving bitch with a lovely balanced size decorations are good her head and expression are correct coat condition and presentation were excellent two lovely bitches here thank you.

1st the BCC winner and my Best in Show was Harbin s, bitch Gr Ch Hillofsilver Paparazzi, a black spot on the purest of white ground bitch, the only word to describe this one is excellent, her head is lovely best of expressions coming from lovely eyes ears balance of skull, and muzzle her body shape is perfect upper arm and shoulder chest top line loin and croup are perfect tail set and carriage are correct legs and feet perfect very correct black spot pigmentation is evenly spread to make the perfect picture, her movement was poetry in motion, I can honestly say this is one of the best Dalmatian bitches I have judged to date thank you for bringing her.

2nd was McConachy s, Visualimpact Star Attraction, I like this one a bitch with a lovely feminine expression head and eyes are lovely front and chest room are good rear stifles and hocks are correct lovely decorations she moved with a great style.

A great class of outstanding breed quality bitches, 1st was Harbin s, Ch Krystaway Moet Chandon, champagne all the way with this lovely bitch her head and expression are quite wonderful make and shape near perfect movement was sound and true her decorations were very very pleasing.

2nd was Donald s, Sprintaway Arabella again a lovely breed type lovely head make and shape are good top line held well on the move great extension and rear drive two great bitchs here.

Peter Bailey judge. UK Beechwyre.