2009 October Results

October Specialty Championship Show 2009

Judge: Mrs Wendy Johns (QLD)
of Brewen Dalmatians

Special Vet Sweepstakes (0/1)

Veteran Sweepstakes (3/3)
1. Ch Lukius Draco Malfoy ET (Woiwade)
2. Ch Dumbledeer Magic Mandy (Young)
3. Ch Swiftgait Enter The Nite ET (McConaghy)

Neuter Sweepstakes (2/2)
1. Ch Lukius Draco Malfoy ET (Woiwade)
2. Ch Dumbledeer Magic Mandy (Young)
3. Ch Swiftgait Enter The Nite ET (McConaghy)

Baby Dog (1/2)
1. Dumbledeer Yesterdays Dreamer (Young)

Minor Puppy Dog (2/2)
1. Krystaway Weekend Hustler (Harbin)
2. Retma Cardin (Howarde)

Puppy Dog (2/3)
1. Sprintaway Smooth Satin (Donald)
2. Starswept Bound For Hollywood (Davies/Wright)

Junior Dog (0/0)
No Entries

Intermediate Dog (5/6)
1. Ch Sprintaway Chief Cheroke (Donald)
2. Ch Paceaway Kold Kash (Dyer)
3. Hillofsilver Pheonix (Collins)

Aust Bred Dog (10/10)
1. Visual Impact Saffron Rice (McConachy)
2. Ch Krystaway Dream Catcher (Donald)
3. Dumbledeer Viva Victory (Deuble)
4. Jendally Luv Me Tender (Delmenico)

Open Dog (5/5)
1. Gr Ch Krystaway Dot Com (Harbin)
2. Ch Emerlyn Tommy Hilfiger (Blair/Chadwick)
3. Ch Starswept Justa Gigolo (Davies/Wright)

Challenge Dog - Gr Ch Krystaway Dot Com
Reserve Challenge Dog - Ch Sprintaway Chief Cheroke

Baby Bitch (4/4)
1. Dumbledeer Your Eyes Only (Donald)
2. Paceaway Kit Kat (Dyer)
3. Whytewood Im It and A Bit (McLean)

Minor Puppy Bitch (0/0)
No Entries

Puppy Bitch (3/3)
1. Telde Wicked Mischief (Lawson)
2. Lykatyga Bella Diva (Payne)
3. Starswept Southern Cross (Davies/Wright)

Junior Bitch (2/2)
1. Krystaway Knock Your Spots Off (Harbin)
2. Withdrawn

Intermediate Bitch (10/10)
1. Ch Lukius Solar Flare (Woiwade)
2. Ch Krystaway Moet Chandon (Harbin)
3. Blairwick Dare To Be Foxy (Blair/Chadwick)
4. Hillofsilver Pricilla (McLean)

Aust Bred Bitch (3/4)
1. Ch Hillofsilver Paparazzi (Harbin)
2. Sprintaway Arabella (Donald)
3. Ch Emerlyn Deja Vu (Blair/chadwick)

Open Bitch (6/6)
1. Ch Hillofsilver Lillibet (Johnson)
2. Ch Blairwick Foxy Lady ET (Blair/Chadwick)
3. Gr Ch Paceaway Iced Koffee (Dyer)

Challenge Bitch - Ch Lukius Solar Flare
Reserve Challenge Bitch - Ch Hillofsilver Lillibet


Best In Show - Ch Lukius Solar Flare
Runner Up Best in Show - Ch Hillofsilver Lillibet
Opposite Sex in Show - Gr Ch Krystaway Dot Com

Baby Puppy in Show - Dumbledeer Your Eyes Only
Baby Puppy in Show -Dumbledeer Yesterdays Dreamer

Minor Puppy in Show - Krystaway Weekend Hustler
Opposite Minor Puppy in Show - No Opposite

Best Puppy in Show -Sprintaway Smooth Satin
Opposite Puppy in Show -Telde Wicked Mischief

Best Junior in Show -Krystaway Knock Your Spots Off
Opposite Junior in Show - No Opposite

Best Intermediate in Show -Ch Lukius Solar Flare
Opposite Intermediate in Show -Ch Sprintaway Chief Cheroke

Best Aust Bred in Show -Ch Hillofsilver Paparazzi
Opposite Aust Bred in Show -Visual Impact Saffron Rice

Best Open in Show - Ch Hillofsilver Lillibet
Opposite Open in Show -Gr Ch Krystaway Dot Com

Best In Show

Bitch Challenge & Intermediate in Show - Ch Lukius Solar Flare


Runner Up Best In Show

Reserve Bitch Challenge & Open in Show - Ch Hillofsilver Lillibet



Dog Challenge
& Reserve Dog Challenge

Challenge Dog - Gr Ch Krystaway Dot Com

Reserve Dog Challenge - Ch Sprintaway Chief Cherokee



Veteran Sweepstakes

Ch Lukius Draco Malfoy ET



Neuter Sweepstakes

Ch Hillofsilver Kavalier




Baby Puppy In Show

Dumbledeer Your Eyes Only



Minor Puppy In Show

Krystaway Weekend Hustler


Puppy In Show

Sprintaway Smooth Satin




Junior In Show

Krystaway Knock Your Spots Off


Intermediate In Show

Ch Lukius Solar Flare



Australian Bred In Show

Ch Hillofsilver Paparazzi



Open In Show

Ch Hillofsilver Lillibet


I would like to say thank you to the Dalmatian Club of NSW, and its members, for the invitation to judge at your Championship Show.  I very much enjoyed the experience and opportunity to see what other Dalmatian enthusiasts are breeding and exhibiting.

On the whole I found the exhibits to be sound in temperament and movement.  Heads were generally correct and attractive. Eye colour varied and does need to be kept in mind if expression is to be maintained.  Neck lengths were largely sufficient and flowed gracefully into the wither.  Upper arms tended to be a little short which affected the exhibits ability to have sufficient reach.  Top lines varied and it needs to be remembered that a level top line is required with only a slight rise over the croup.  It was pleasing to note that there was little evidence of over-angulated rear quarters, although some exhibits were a little straight in stifle.  Coats were generally in good condition with spotting being aesthetically pleasing.  Size is an issue with some exhibits, particularly the dogs.  The Dalmatian must in all aspects be a moderate breed, including height, and was judged accordingly.  Coarseness was not a concern.  The occasional exhibit was a little fine, more so in the bitch class, however substance was generally consistent with a breed which needs to cover considerable distances.

It is my belief, that as a state, the quality of your exhibits are comparable to that of other Australian states.  Therefore, it will be with trepidation that I bring my own Dalmatians to compete against yours at the 2010 National Dalmatian Show, which is to be hosted by your club. 
It was very pleasing to note the sportsmanship and camaraderie which was exhibited throughout the day and the graciousness with which my decisions were accepted.  This is something for which everybody should be applauded.

Thank you once again for honoring me with such a wonderful entry.

Mrs Wendy Johns   

1ST DUMBLEDEER YESTERDAYS DREAMER- Black spotted 4.5mth dog.  Attractive head with lovely dark eye and beautiful expression.  Front assembly is sound.  On the move tended to want to scent the ground which emphasized his current rise over the croup.  Dense black pigment.  Outgoing temperament.

1ST KRYSTAWAY WEEKEND HUSTLER- Liver spotted 6mth dog.  Skull and muzzle equal and parallel. Would prefer greater depth of muzzle.  Adequate forequarter assembly.  Topline is level and was maintained on the move.  A slight top roll was noted which should diminish as musculature develops with greater maturity.  Correct tail set.  Hindquarters sound.  A little hesitant to be examined.

2ND RETMA CARDIN- Black spotted 6mth dog.  Skull and muzzle equal and parallel. Would prefer greater depth of muzzle.  Sufficient length of neck.  Forequarters not as well angulated as 1st place.  Topline was not maintained on the move. 

1ST SPRINTAWAY SMOOTH SATIN- Liver spotted 9mth male. Correct head with parallel planes and good depth of muzzle.  Eye colour adequate.  Length of neck good.  Sound front assembly.  Maintained topline on the move.  Tailset correct.  Coat harsh.  Dense liver pigment.  Purer white background desired.

2ND STARSWEPT BOUND FOR HOLLYWOOD- Liver spotted 8mth male.  Pleasing head and expression.  Front assembly not as well developed as 1st  place.  Tendency for top line to rise towards croup.  Pleasing development of muscles in hindquarters.

1ST CH SPRINTAWAY CHIEF CHEROKEE- Black spotted 1yr 10mth male.  Lovely head with good depth of muzzle.  Eye colour adequate although could be darker.  Length of neck good.  Well developed prosternum and sufficient length of upper arm.  Moves soundly and displayed reach and drive.  Maintained topline.  Correct sized spotting with pleasing distribution.  Not an extrovert, yet happy to do as he was bid. 

2ND CH PACEAWAY KOLD KASH- Black spotted 2yo male.  Head pleasing.  Eye colour could be darker.  Pleasant outline on the stack although would prefer slightly greater length of upper arm.  Sound movement although not displaying the reach of the first place.  Shorter in loin than first place.  Happy demeanor and handled expertly. 

3RD Hillofsilver PHEONIX- Liver spotted 1yr 10mth male.  A pleasing head and outline on the stack.  Did not move with the purpose of the previous placegetters although was able to maintain his topline.  Tail set questionable.  Well muscled.

1ST VISUAL IMPACT SAFFRON RICE- Black spotted 20mth male.  Strong, masculine head with a lovely dark eye colour.  Highly alert and animated which contributed to lovely expression. Well developed prosternum and correctly angulated fore and aft. Strong bone and tight feet.   Level topline which was maintained on the move.  Spotting medium/heavy in distribution although remained visually pleasing.   A powerful dog with great length of stride and ring presence.  Height my only concern.

2ND CH KRYSTAWAY DREAM CATCHER- Black spotted 6yo male.  Ratio of skull to muzzle correct.  Greater depth of muzzle required to square jaw.  Slightly more length of upper arm would contribute to greater reach.  Medium spotting with evidence of secondaries.  A happy dog with smooth action although without the reach of the first placegetter.  Not handled as well as first placed exhibit.     

3RD DUBLEDEEER VIVA VICTORY- Black spotted 3y+ male.  Again the ratio of skull to muzzle correct although would prefer greater depth to square off  muzzle.  Correct length of neck flowing well into withers.  Level topline.  Slightly more length of loin and turn of stifle would be desirable. Movement not as controlled as the first two placegetters although he was animated and keen.  Good sized, dense black spots which were evenly distributed.

1ST GR CH KRYSTAWAY DOT COM - Black spotted 8y+ male.  Head correct and balanced with his body.  Eye colour acceptable.  A correctly assembled exhibit which demonstrated the greatest reach and drive in this class.  Did not put a foot wrong.  Coat only just starting to indicate his age.  Spotting of correct size and well distributed.  Controlled, happy free movement.

2ND  CH EMERLYN TOMMY HILFIGER- Black spotted 5yo male. Head masculine.  Length of neck correct.  Less exaggeration of withers preferred.  Front correctly angulated to allow desired reach.  Topline maintained on the move.  Less fall off from croup to set on of tail required.  Spotting of good size and pleasingly decorated.  Free-moving, happy dog who was expertly handled.

3RD  CH STARSWEPT JUST A GIGOLO- Black spotted 3y+ male.  Lovely head and expression.  Length of neck adequate.  Required greater length in upper arm.  Maintained a  level topline   although shorter in loin than previous two dogs.  Coat in excellent condition.  Generally spotting of good size with some evidence of secondaries. Very happy demeanor.  Not moving with the reach of the first two placegetters.
GR CH KRYSTAWAY DOT COM- A veteran of the ring who can hold his own and commands attention.  Free mover, demonstrating balance and symmetry.  Exhibited with control regardless of pace.

CH SPRINTAWAY CHIEF CHEROKEE- A balanced, sound exhibit who again demonstrated a great freedom of movement.  A dog of sound, biddable temperament yet to develop the ‘showmanship’ of the challenge winner. 

1ST DUMBLEDEER YOUR EYES ONLY- Black spotted 4.5 mth female. Pleasing head.  Very dark eye colour.  Pleasing outline on the stack (although you had to look quickly).  Strong bone.  Good sized spotting.  Moved well around the ring for her age.  An extrovert who enjoyed her day out.
2ND PACEAWAY KIT KAT- Liver spotted 3.5 mth female.  Well balanced outline on the stack.  Would prefer stronger bone.  Finer and racier than first place.  A well-behaved puppy who was handled expertly.
3RD WHYTEWOOD IM IT AND A BIT- 4.5 mth female.  Lovely dark eye with loads of expression.  Body not as balanced as previous placegetters.  Pleasing markings.  A typical Dalmatian baby who was more interested in playing than standing.

1ST TELDE WICKED MISCHIEF- Black spotted 11mth female.  Head well defined and strong.  Gorgeous dark eyes.  Correct length of neck.  Well angulated forequarters with pleasing depth of chest.  Topline sound with correct length of loin.   Tail needs to be more sabre-like.  Dense, black, well-defined spots.  A strong bitch of substance.  Further development would see her at risk of losing her femininity.
2ND LYKATYGA BELLA DIVA- Black spotted 7.5 mth female.  Pleasing outline.  Not as free moving as first place getter.  Bone more refined than first place.  More heavily decorated.  Happy demeanor.
3RD STARSWEPT SOUTHERN CROSS- Liver spotted 8mth female.  Pretty feminine head.  Correct length of neck.  Upper arm requires added length.  Depth of chest correct.  Topline firm although rising slightly towards croup.  Tailset correct.  Movement difficult to judge as this young lady was not happy to be examined today.  Pleasantly decorated with rich liver spots. 

1ST KRYSTAWAY KNOCK YOUR SPOTS OFF – Liver spotted 1yo female.  Pleasing head with equal planes and good depth of muzzle.  Good length of neck flowing into level topline.  Front angulation is correct with sufficient prosternum.  Rear angulation and tail set correct.  Decoration medium/light separate and of good size.  Very well muscled in the rear end.   A sound, moderate bitch who shows future promise.

1ST CH LUKIUS SOLAR FLARE- Liver spotted 23mth female.  A strong, yet feminine head with correct planes and depth of muzzle.  Dark  amber eye with animated expression.  Neck of sufficient length and flowing into withers.   Good length of back and held it on the move. Muscular bitch who was correctly angulated fore and aft.   Demonstrated freedom of movement at correct pace.   Rich liver spotting which tended to be small, and could be more separate, although still aesthetically pleasing.  Happy, animated demeanor.   

2ND CH KRYSTAWAY MOET CHANDON- Liver spotted 2yo female.  Attractive head, balanced with body.  Correct length of neck and front angulation.  Withers a little exaggerated.  Topline level.  Deeper and shorter through the loin than the first place.  Rear angulation correct, less second thigh than first place.  Spotting of good size, not separate although still pleasing.  Coat not quite in the same condition as first place.  

3RD BLAIRWICK DARE TO BE FOXY- Black spotted 19 mth female.  Heavier bitch than first two place-getters.  Attractive head and eye colour.  Length of neck correct and nicely arched.  Correct front angulation and topline.  Carrying too much weight today. 
1ST CH Hillofsilver PAPARAZZI- Black spotted 22mth female.  Balanced bitch with good bone.  Head pleasing in profile.  Medium eye colour.  Good length of neck. Satisfactory front assembly and depth of chest.  Level topline.  Greater density of black spotting required.  Could be cleaner.  Free, easy happy moving bitch.

2ND SPRINTAWAY ARABELLA- Black spotted 3yo female.  Attractive head with correct length of neck. Medium eye colour.  Satisfactory front assembly and depth of chest.  Good bone.  Shorter in loin than first place.  Not as free moving or animated as first place.  Correct coat, well formed, dense black spots.

3RD CH EMERLYN DÉJÀ VU- Black spotted 3y+ female.  Pleasing head and neck.  Sound front assembly.  Deeper through loin with less tuck up than previous placegetters.  Topline level.  Tail set a little low. Coat displaying a little wear and tear today.  Dense black spotting.  Well handled and animated. 

1ST CH Hillofsilver LILLIBET- Liver spotted 5y+ female.  Feminine head demonstrating the correct length and strength.  Adequate eye colour.  Good length of neck flowing into withers. Carried topline well.  A powerful moving bitch demonstrating reach and drive.  Spotting of good size and depth of colour.  Aesthetically pleasing decoration although could be more separate.  Happy demeanor. 

2ND CH BLAIRWICK FOXY LADY ET- Black spotted 8y+ female.  A bitch of more generous proportions than first placegetter.  Again a strong head with pleasing planes.  Lovely dark eye and expression.  Good length of neck flowing into the withers.  Forequarter assembly and depth of chest correct.  Topline level on the move.  Weight and age contributing to fall off over croup.   Motherhood duties have detracted from tuck-up.  Deeper through loin than first place .  Happy demeanor demonstrating a soundness of movement and keenness which belies her age.

3RD GR CH PACEAWAY ICED COFFEE- Liver spotted 6y+ female.  Attractive head and neck.  Maintaining topline on the move.  Spotting of correct size and well placed.  Colour a little faded.  Out moved by first two placegetters today. 

A quality, moderate bitch who demonstrated balance and strength, yet femininity.  Youth was on her side as she out-moved the field today at a sustainable pace.  She performed immaculately with enthusiasm and her eagerness to work with her handler was a pleasure to watch.

CH Hillofsilver LILLIBET
Another beautiful, moderate bitch which exuded strength and pushed the challenge winner the whole way. 

Two excellent illustrations of the standard which could easily exchange places on a different day.